'The Farm' dream

Do you have a secret "I wish I had " place? My husband and I build contemporary homes but we both long for a farm. Just a little one.

Only a few hours away so we could escape easily on weekends. Surrounded by picturesque natural bush for our son and his mates to explore, run wild and be boys!

With a little cottage and a huge bunk room for loads of visitors. A fire pit. A 'real' garden that grows veggies and abundant flowers for the house!

A traditional country kitchen for family scone making and hearty breakfast eating. Big, sleep -in-till noon beds and no telephones, television or PlayStation! Books - everywhere! Old furniture that tells its story though each mark; simple, honest and not pretentious.

And don't forget a big, junky shed for fossicking!
Oh!!!! The bliss!!!!
We're committed to the dream. We throw nothing out! Instead we have in storage the seeds for the reality. A cedar hall stand, armoire, old javi-lounge, gramophone, meat safe and old Royal Doulton, rose covered dinnerware. The list goes on. One day we hope to unpack it all in a place worthy of it's moniker. "The Farm".
x KL