The Block - What the?!

Crap. If you're watching The Block, you'll understand! What the!!!!????

I've had a really yucky day today - something I won't bore you with. I was so looking forward to tonight's episode and rushed a spag bol to be ready by 7pm ( I started watching at 7:20 but the men of the house gave me a running commentary up to that point).

What would you DO!!!!??? We had a great family debate. (Well it was only me, hubby and youngest son but is was interesting!).We decided we'd refuse the $3K cash and request a day's labour from each of the other contestants in lieu; plumber, painter, labourer, tidy-upper-er, for a day - whatever! To ask the others to relinquish their hard earned cash in 'room wins' for a challenge seems very unfair, yet Katrina and Amie deserve their prize too! (VERY difficult dilemma, Channel 9. Bad form!)