Do you have some days that start out a bit 'ho hum' but become rather serendipitous? I had one of those days yesterday! Following dinner with a gravely ill friend the evening before, I woke to have a sad chat to a very dear friend about the ill health of her parents. And then I discovered Peepmystyle.blogspot.com via a favourite blog called Tabletonic. (I love how following blogs can transport you from reality and distract you just when needed!!!)

Claudia is a girl after my own heart, I love her aesthetic and through her post 'Chez Moi ' on Monday July 11, I discovered ceramic artist Gregory Bonasera who is based in Melbourne.  I fell in love with his 'mili' (more often referred to as the 'antler') bowl that Claudia had displayed in her post and I was able to track down his details. I had a terrific conversation with him about his work and plans for expanding his range! All designed and made here in Australia!

Photo courtesy of Claudia via Peepmystyle

(And I bought the bowl too!) I can't wait for it to arrive!!! I hope that Claudia agrees with the age-old idiom - that  'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'!AND, thank you Louise from Tabletonic for the heads-up!