My Mood-board book!

I often see on some of the blogs I read, interior designer's 'mood boards'. They tell a visual story of the potential design for the space, from colours to furniture and fixtures. I've never done one before and given my trend to change direction mid makeover, I wondered if it might help.

Photo courtesy of Amber Interior Design. Impressive!

It then dawned on me that I do create something similar for each new house. I call it 'My Yellow Book' (after the colour of the first ever version! Duh!)
Rather than a room by room pictorial scheme, my books, although sectioned into rooms and areas, are a record of my evolving ideas, details, plans, purchases, prices, wish-lists, sketches and of course magazine cut-outs! I constantly remove and add to their pages!

Not quite as professional as Amber's beauties, but sufficiently practical for me! It becomes my build 'bible' and helps me keep track of where I'm at and usually keeps me going in the correct direction!
How do you file all your house planning information? I'd love to hear of your methods!