Spare time... for art????

My youngest has returned to school today and my older girls will resume their university studies in the near future. I really adore being home with them all but I don't seem to get much done. Instead we have jimmy-jam days, movie outings and cake cooking sessions.
As our building and decorating budget is tight, I have often painted canvases myself to 'fill - in' an expanse of wall or just as decoration. Sometimes I have been able to splurge, but rarely. If I ever had 'spare' cash it would definitely be spent on art. And travel. And.... more art!  Like this :

Norman Lindsay Lithograph 'The Anklet'

'Surface' by Martine Emdur - TOP of my wish list!
A David Bromley Original. Photo courtesy of Capocchi

Whilst waiting for my Lotto win I might start actioning some canvases for the upstairs, unfinished rooms. I'm going to paint over this one I did for the last house and do something black & white or maybe a union jack?!

This is a Vivienne Westwood rug mounted as art. Drool!!!!

And my baby boy at 9 needs something more mature. I'm thinking maybe a spot of graffiti?

OK for a newborn - six year old. Definitely past its due date!
This is actually wall paper but it gave me the idea.

 It might be too 'old' for him though! Framed Vintage posters of his favourite movies might be better!

Not the best down load. But I'm sure you get the idea!