Diversional decorating!

My house may not be completed yet, in fact - far from it, but that doesn't stop me decorating in tiny little spots with favourite bits and pieces. It gives me somewhere to rest (divert) my eyes instead of looking at all that still needs to be done! Often these areas offer storage to boot and are constantly shape shifting as the house progresses. Nothing is ever static when you live on a building site!

In the entry; all this will disappear once the joinery is done!

A niche custom made for a sculpture I can no longer source! Who knows what will end up here!
Handy storage of some favourite design tomes!
Industrial letters, old bookshop sign & son's plane upon a Chinese cabinet. Expired use-by date?

Can't wait for that ducted vacuum system to be hooked up!

I love all my shell and coral pieces. This is one collection that is still growing!

I like using art in bathrooms. It visually breaks up floor to ceiling tiles! This framed shell is above the loo in the main bathroom.

My hubby has just weighed in on my post. He reckons that if I didn't blog the whole of the house would be finished and then I'd have something really worth blogging about!!!! LOL True, so true!
x KL