Mirror, mirror on the wall!

I think I mentioned once before that I have occasional decor 'obsessions'. Months where I'll fixate on one item and buy multiple examples of it! Well my Mirror obsession is over! I thought I'd share pictures of my favourite ones with you. Some are my pictures and others are uploaded as mine is still in storage waiting for walls!!!!

This was the first Venetian mirror I bought. So sweet!

My last purchase in situ in the shop where I bought it. And I'm decorating a contemporary house!

I have a large Venetian mirror like this, waiting for a home!
 Perhaps I'll use it in my WIR as a make-up mirror like this?

A more contemporary mirror from Tantra

We have hung it in a custom sized recess in the guest bedroom.

Daughter # 2's bedroom mirror.

Bought for my eldest daughter's bedroom but she doesn't like it! I'll put it in the pool bathroom.

These are two mirrors seen in an Elle Magazine. I tracked them down! Mine are charcoal metal framed.
All my 'old' mirrors, one temporarily hung here, will be stored for 'The Farm'.
Well I say my obsession is over but..... I do like mirror!!! I think I might repeat the mirror - under- kitchen island look like we used in the last house, but perhaps use dark smoke mirror. And I love these furniture items too!!! Here I go again!!!!

Our last kitchen. I like how the mirror under the island makes the stone 'float'. I might repeat this concept.
Mirrored furniture from Tantra.

Definitely on my 'wish - list'!!!!
x KL