Christmas thematics

Our 2010 Christmas tree

I L.O.V.E Christmas.
I love the fairy lights, the food, the gifting, the magic, the excitement.
I love the true meaning of and the commercial enterprise. 
 Christmas is all about children and I love that at 9, my son is still wishing he's on Santa's 'good list'.

Everyone gets one new decoration each year. This is the 2011 stash!

I started my own family Christmas tradition when my two girls were young and I became unexpectedly, a single mother. We went shopping as a new, girls only 'family', and we each chose one extra special decoration each to hang on the tree. Every year we repeated the ritual and do so now additionally with my husband and son. Everyone has their own Xmas paper covered shoe box for their personal cache (including the paddle-pop preschool craft items) and every year the unpacking of the growing collection and re-hanging of these treasured items becomes another event to be celebrated together.  
Till last year.
21 and 19 year olds do not want to decorate trees. They want their 'stuff' on it but want Mum to do it. Ditto 8 year old boys. So disappointing. So, in 2010 I had a new idea. An adult tree.
Glossy black, white and sparkling silver as the photo shows above.
It took me a week to put her together and she was divine. Everyone said so - but not my family.
On Christmas Eve when the silver and white co-ordinated stockings were hung, there was a mutiny!
And Santa sided with them! Can you believe it!!! On Christmas morning not a colour coordinated stocking was in sight. The moth-balled, green and red, colour-clashing sequined individual stockings were hanging brimming with accusation and gifts.
The children were so excited. I was more: Ba Hum Bug.

Santa replaced the new white & silver colour-cordinated stockings with our 'old' ones in 2010!

So, we're having a traditional tree this year.
Green and traditional. (With lots of white if I have any say.... which is not bloody likely!) 
Here are my inspirational trees:

I'll post a picture when we're I'm done, if it's at all worth photographing!

Do you choose a Christmas colour theme? What are you planning this year?

x KL
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