chandeleirs and compromises

Beacon Lighting's, enormous chandy (even at $700) to stay a dream...
If you've been following my build for awhile, you will already know that I have had my heart set on a large, sparkly Chandelier feature light fitting for our formal lounge room. Although the house is quite contemporary and minimalist in it's architecture, I've always loved the juxtaposition of new and old, antiques and 20th century design icons. Dear hubby however just hasn't 'got' it when I describe my eclectic decor plans!
I have found and shared many beautiful examples of my aesthetic ideas for this build...

And many Chandeliers - at all price points, to woo hubby.

And in a very brief 'moment' he agreed.
Now.... it's a funny thing, total acquiescence's.

It has made me argue less and think more. And the more I think, the more I am convinced that perhaps I was infatuated by the idea or desire to do this in my space.
(Of course, I can equally argue that I have perhaps matured, come 'round' to his way of thinking or am predicting the end of a design trend!!!)
Without psychoanalysing myself into an institution, I think I'm done with the Chandelier idea.

(Except for a more appropriately placement in 'The Farm' drawing' room! He He!)

x KL

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