My latest purchases; the good the bad and the spikey

I've been trying to avoid the shops during the school holidays because it's usually crazy this time of year as we live in a major tourist hot spot. I ventured out to get J some new school shoes and of course couldn't resist poking my nose into some favourite stores! I spotted this cute little spikey urchin at Seaweed & Sand for $14. So cute!

And this cotton Maxi and sandals at Witchery. The dress was heavily discounted. Yay!

I ordered this stunning candle from Barneys New York awhile ago and it finally arrived. The picture below is the one advertised on their online site. When I unwrapped the candle there was no black gift box, only some flimsy bubble wrap and a scattering of pink ooglies.

 The candle is more substantial in size than expected and the perfume is very over-powering. The most disappointing thing though is that the top edges of the glass insert holding the wax is smashed from not being secured within the silver housing during transit. It won't affect it's use but the packing was of a very low standard. No more candle buying from overseas for me. A quite expensive lesson!

 Those that read my blog regularly know how much I love shopping at Peters of Kensington Online
They have continued to offer a 'daily deal' since their January re-opening and I took advantage of  buying 4 (two in each style) of these Whitehill photo albums. They'll make terrific and affordable gifts for friends throughout the year.

 And I picked up three of these Universal Circa felt place mats to use as heat mats under hot dishes brought to the table. A bargain at $4.50!

 School holidays end here on Monday and I'm trying to get back into an earlier bedtime and morning wake-up routine. My big boy is starting Year Four and my eldest daughter has completed her University degree and is job hunting. Unbelievable how time flies! Hope you're having a great week,

x KL

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