Some wee progress....

 We got a few things done today. Downstairs ducted vacuum points were installed and a couple of wall lights inserted into the girl's bedroom hall. (And yes, our beautiful marble tiles are still tarped on the veranda waiting to be laid...can't rush these things!)

I found these lights so difficult to choose. I wanted invisible fixings and this proved impossible to find. I just can't understand why the screws have to be seen in a stair light when other fixtures can accommodate secret fixings (Like the vacuum point cover). Grrr....

Any hoo, I gave up and these are what I selected. There will be 5 used to light the stair treads that lead upstairs too. Davo finished sheeting the outdoor pool toilet and completed the waterproofing too. It's now ready for tiling. Yay! Mundane pictures I'm sorry to say but any new progress is worthy of celebration in our house!

x KL 

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