To sell or keep? Help!

 OK, my dear followers... I need some help!
I bought the most gorgeous Balinese day bed for the last house (as seen in picture below). 
It was bought site specific for our pool Cabana and I fell in love with it after many intimate, late night, champagne laden, chats and practical use for bubs whilst we swam!

Unfortunately its use has declined with the new build and although it looks small above, it is actually quite substantial in size.  It simply doesn't suit the new aesthetic nor do I have a proposed waterproof area in which to accommodate it.  At the moment it is being used as a depository for building materials and is blocking the bi-fold laundry / kitchenette windows (proposed bar area). So, do I place it in storage for a possible re-invention in the 'next house' or sell it to an appropriate decor enthusiast?

And... so you have the whole picture: I do have this other Balinese lounge (seen in last house in the middle deck area) that is less practical, comfortable and smaller as a 'day bed', but more decor friendly as it can be aesthetically situated indoors. (And I paid a fortune for the customised cushions!

 So, what to do? At the moment I'm planning the 'next' house as a modern interpretation of Hampton's style. Should I 'let it go'?

Or hope that with new cushions and surroundings it's worth holding on to for a phoenix moment? (Swoon worthy downloaded pic above!)

I appreciate all your thoughts and opinions, as always...

x KL 

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