Whatchaupto? I've got a new project !

I had a fun afternoon yesterday, assisting a lovely friend (and newest client) in selecting some of her P.C items for a major renovation.
It was time consuming because we yahdy bla bla'd everything but we made some major progress too.
I think we're now on the same page!
Yee ha!
Brochure over-load!
 I'll be honest with you, I'm not an interior designer. I 'have a good eye' and have bucket loads of experience with my own homes and assisting friends and family with theirs. I am creative.
End of this field Resume.
My friend has recently returned to a full time professional job and, being a time poor mother of two active boys has entrusted me with her project. I am honoured, excited and daunted by the task!
The early challenges are familiar; budget / space constraints (hello again B-word!) and an inability to identify with a clear colour or style directive. Accommodating a mobility disability will be another test.
Ceramic moulded top + gloss wood grain base 700 mm wide vanity for $600 (RR $1350 AUD) Yes? No? Eeek on day 1! Decisions / Decisions!
 This project for Moi, is ex Gratia. I hope this experience will assist with decisions regarding future professional direction and, I'll be busy again, doing what I do best, whilst waiting for my own home to progress.

Watch this space!

x KL
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