Hurumph to cloak and dagger!

 I've been thinking a lot lately about the 'cloak and dagger' anonymity that pertains to a large majority of blog land. I respect wholeheartedly those that wish their identities to be confidential (as I have subscribed previously to this too) but I question why I followed suit when I started blogging?  I suspect that I may have followed my first inspirational bloggers' choices as a blueprint for my own fledgling writings. I think the start of 2012 is a good time to evaluate the appropriateness of this for myself.

My attempts at incognito are pretty poor anyway. 
I'm definitely never going to be recruited as a special agent for ASIO! 
KL has been identified as Kerrie-Lee many a time and hubby as David. 
For ease of discussion therefore (and the children's privacy), we are comfy to be now identified as any of the following:
KL: Me, Moi, Kerrie-Lee, Mother, Mum
D: Davo, David, Hubby, Other Mother, Dad
S: Daughter # 1
A: Daughter # 2
J: Son and mess maker-extraordinaire!
M: BF, S' Boyfriend & live-in-love!

  x KL

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