Holiday mode!

Apart from what seems like an insurmountable washing pile, the holiday vibe has continued today back at home. We're sleeping in, catching up on e-mails, blog posts and a mountain of mail / subscriptions. Mostly we're enjoying those Christmas presents hastily unwrapped but not really savoured. I have fortuitously 'found' the lost book that I didn't receive and am trying hard to motivate myself to do a proper food shop and house clean!

These are my good excuses for staying in bed for half a day! He He!

I finally got round to reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert whilst in Queensland. Given to me as a birthday gift six months ago, along with the movie adaptation, it was great to finally chill and take a day to read. Such a luxury! I'm looking forward to watching the movie now but as my imagination is so good at visualisation I always read a novel before watching any following Hollywood interpretation! Am I alone in this?
Our girls, S & A, who stayed home, don't seem to have fared too badly on their own; the first time we have left them 'behind' on a holiday. They kept the Australian economy going working part time and spending Christmas gift cards whilst maintaining the La Hacienda quite admirably. Daughter two, A, turned 20 whilst we were away so we now need to plan a nice belated family celebration for her. (No teenagers in this house for three years! Woo Hoo!)
And I need to finish The Death Star with J.

Happy Holidays!!!

x KL 

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