Terrigal project design considerations...

Assisting friends with the myriad of choices possible for a renovation is a major commitment. Choosing friendships that can withstand such intense pressure is essential!
Yesterday, more than 45 text and picture messages passed between us (I stopped counting as 45!) and at least two, hour long discussions on our mobiles occurred too. Over one vanity. Eeeeek! We have decided that this is clearly untenable and discussing all the options is simply confusing so we're going to try a three-choice plan for a more time efficient discussion. Whew!
I think starting with a clear design brief would assist in this area too.

One thing that we have discussed is the need for spaces to be contemporary without being so trend specific that they date quickly. Keeping fixtures neutral is key, allowing accessories to add colour and on-trend impact. They are easy and relatively cheap to update too. 
I'm finding the plethora of easily accessed images a wonderful way of communicating and illustrating a design point. White bathrooms need not be bland as these photos from the Reece bathroom website so clearly demonstrate!

x KL

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