A question regarding Stairs & Location.

We have built from scratch and fully renovated quite a few homes and through his building company,  David and I have done the same many times over for clients.

My question is this...
WHY, in two storey homes, is the stairwell most usually located in the entry?

The staircase from a scene in "Gone With the Wind"
  I suspect tradition plays a powerful part? In new builds; project home or architect designed - it is expected to be in this location and so it is.
In a renovation the pre-existing location or, if a new one is to be added, the spatial layout combined with budget moreover decide it's placement. 

But what if you have A CHOICE? 

In our last home (a renovation previously posted HERE)  the newly created stairwell was located away from the entry and in the 'core' of the house. This wasn't a design consideration but a response to a 'where can we fit it?' quandary when brainstorming the existing home's potential for transformation. It's final location was practical and accidentially functional!

When I designed our current home (the ongoing project) I placed the main stairwell off the entry. Why? 
Because it lead to the main, public areas of this home - which will be upstairs. With the view.
From the entry the eye and guest is drawn to the stairs and in turn to the upper level.

In most two storey homes however the private areas, such as bedrooms are upstairs....the entering guest is lead sideways to the public zones. Am I making any sense?

Now clearly the importance of making a Grand Entrance down a magnificent staircase was of utmost social necessity in the 'Gone with The Wind' era. They had 'help' to assist in dressing, obtaining midnight snacks and so forth! But speaking from experience and our century's way of living, I'd prefer to dash to the laundry in my undies without passing through this very public area.
I'm positive there's a gazillion hilarious anecdotes that can be told ? !

So, I'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences and preferance in the location of stairwells.
Within a Public or Private zone?

x KL

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