Taking Stock....

The lovely B, from B is Building a House tipped me off about some super Union Jack bed linen for J's room. I think one of the best things about Blogging is this sort of connection with others. You get to know their tastes and suddenly there is a national, if not global community assisting you 'find' that perfect piece! Happy Days!

Home Republic 'Union Jack' available from Adairs
 The tale of this bedlinen though doesn't end here. After gratefully being told of it's existence, I happily on-line shopped the full set. Ye Ha....Love the colours, design and quality! But....
...then I started to take stock of what I'd already bought for J's room. (Which is finished - see pics HERE, but unoccupied as yet) Eeeeek!!!! Talk about Britannia overload! 
So...the purchase was reluctantly returned (with the exception of one wee cushion. he he).

Another pitfall of building slowly (with ever changing decorating tastes) is that instead of 'building' upon the previous decisions, you often go off on a bloody 'what the!' tangent!
So I'm going to have a go at creating some of those swishy mood board thingies.
I usually use a book for this....(previously posted HERE), but it doesn't seem to be keeping me on track this time so I'm willing to try another method.
 Digital or big physical board?

Any suggestions?

x KL

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