These photographs are testament to an ABSOLUTE building rule that should never be broken. NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER have box gutters! Ours overflowed (for a second time) and for four hours, absolute pandemonium broke loose whist I was concurrently trying to calm a scared child in a major storm! Below is what I've be doing for the last week... washing every towel and absorbent piece of fabric I could muster to mop up the deluge.

So, what is a box gutter? It's where two roofing planes slope down and inward, forming a 'box' between. In theory they work - but where ice or allot of leaf debris are present they're a recipe for disaster! Once blocked. the water has no escape but inside the structure.

 The first flood occurred because a hail storm filled the gutter to capacity and the subsequent rain had no-where to go but inside. The second and recent cause was a small amount of hail but mostly leaf debris. Eeeek! No-one to blame but ourselves.

When Davey shouted "Oh Dear! Oh My golly goodness!" or something quite possibly, a bit stronger (being a burly builder an' all), it was said with such gusto that I knew something was seriously wrong. Four down lights and a fan in J's bedroom were gushing water. Two down lights in the entry, two in the Guest bed en suite and two cavity sliding door openings were spectacular waterfalls! And this was downstairs. Upstairs was a flowing river!

Anyhooo, I've managed to find a few rainbows after the rain. 

1. I do not need to buy any more towels. The number I have is ridiculous.

2. I now have the neatest temporary linen space ever. Waaay over due!

3. J's bedroom and the entry got a major tidy up.

4. Having a 'spare room' from a nest flier comes in handy for emergencies such as these.
5. The brightest rainbow shone for J though. We relocated an itty-bitty T.V (formerly the nest flier big sis') to his bedroom. He was beyond excited!

Which within 24 hours had morphed into this:

Bought for the playroom (two years ago!) which is in the unfinished upstairs area, it was time to take it out of it's packaging!  We may as well enjoy it!

6. My crazy saving of empty ice-cream containers finally had a practical purpose! LOL!
And I used every one and was madly emptying and replacing at the height of the deluge. Wish I'd caught it all for funniest home videos...winning that would have created a double rainbow!

x KL

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