Happy Father's Day!

After my wonderful forty *#%@ th birthday, David's Father's Day was a wee challenge.
You'll be glad to know that I resisted the brilliant gift idea above.

He was spoiled instead with a chef inspired brunch, personal gifts (beautifully wrapped B.T.W - no lounge throws involved) and lots of quality family time.

No fat fire, BBQ sheet.
 (If you missed why this is a brilliant pressie for Davo...click HERE!)

Tickets to The State Theatre to see Bill Bailey.
This is the gift the family get to enjoy as well!  He He!

And a new DVD...because J said Daddy would love it. And it was on sale at Coles. Or Big W!

 I've probably not mentioned before that David's Dad is suffering from Alzheimer's Dementia.
This year we bought a card to sit by his bedside and although simple, he wont comprehend it.
 He no longer remembers us, nor is aware of his surroundings...

 but we remember him...

with lots and lots of love.

Happy Father's Day!

Oh, and this is my 250th post! Quite the milestone me thinks!

x KL

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