Bits & Bobs

This Bed Bath N Table soap dispenser's not a bad match for our marble is it? I'm thinking I might get another for the guest en suite. 

J's finally spent all his birthday present money. 

How do you say no after "...but Mum, it's my own money." Thank God for blu-tack!

Do you own one of these gizmo's?
 It's a splatter guard and I can't believe that I'm a year-off-a-half-century and have only just discovered them! 

J 'discovered' how to make fire with a magnifying glass. Great. Thanks Daddy and Grandad!

Still dreaming of a black (and white) kitchen!
And this one has 'my' splash-back window, stainless steel and marble benches and Mr Starck's ghost stools that I'm planning too!!!

x KL

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