Instead of continuing with my spring cleaning this morning, I wasted spent time drooling over the details in this house. I can blame Virginia over at Glamour Drops for initiating my fixation but when I started peeping at more of this house and others in the portfolio of Molecule, the housework was totally forgotten.

A clever mix of both contemporary and classic styles, perfectly executed.
 It has divine Chevron flooring...

....and the pure white colour scheme allows the eclectic mix of design classics (from antiques through to modern icons) to have centre stage.

I absolutely love the featured marble and the detailing. The pictures shown here are styled to perfection!

And I am really impressed that the house appears to be practical and functional too...
and WOW there are my favourite Bocci lights! *sigh*

It's currently for sale and is a finalist in the 2012 Melbourne Design Awards
 What's not to love?

x KL

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