Bugger off winter.. I've caught the spring cleaning bug!

I've got a temporary kitchen...in the laundry. Temporarily fitted with someone else's discarded cabinetry till we can afford 'the dream fit-out'. 

 When you live like this, the impetuous to keep what you've got looking clean and tidy is a challenge.
I seem to have had the winter blues and let it all get away from me; see left!
Not any more, see right-side pics!

My God...I still had the reindeer coke cans that David and J collected in 2011!  Eeeek!

And have you ever looked at 18 months worth of un-ducted fluff from a clothes dryer? O.M.G!
If your dryer isn't ducted.....pull it out and clean behind it every 3 months!!!!

You'll be happy to know that I'm on a roll...dust bunnies be gone!
Davo has ducted the dryer and I've caught the Spring cleaning bug.
You've gotta make the best of what you've got...no excuses!

x KL

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