Another shell quandry

 I received this faux tortoise shell lamp base today (pictured above and below). Bought online, it looks OK but the base is damaged and it is much smaller than advertised. The light fixture 'glows' from behind rather than through the fixture which is a really nice effect.

 The two photographs below are of the size I wanted (These were not for sale and were seen elsewhere).
 I think the colouring may be more realistic too.

Apparently the large size is sold out so I'm contemplating keeping the one sent. What do you think?

Of course I'd prefer to buy an antique real shell but that damn 'B' word discounts the idea. 
So far the only affordable antique shells (found and snapped by Daughter # 2) are the wrong colour or too badly damaged for repair.

Perhaps the hunt goes on?

x KL

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