What does a camera and a truck have in common?

In this particular case - my hubby, David.

After dropping my Canon point & shoot camera a few years back, its poor little zoom bit stopped retracting. Darling Hubby came to the 'rescue' and after hours of dismantling microscopic screws he decided that it was a job for another day. I received a new camera for Christmas and the bits were kept as a project for his spare time.  As you do.

Not what does this have to do with a truck?
Well, I'll share a family secret with you dear reader.....
Our company work horse was in need of a heart transplant.  
Dumpy (the Dump Truck) is his earthly name but in other, more auspicious circles, he goes by the Autobot name of Past-My-Prime.
(I have it on J's authority that Optimus is a good friend!)

And David, not wanting to blow his cover, decided to do the heart transplant himself!
I don't think anyone was aware he would become so skeletal in the process.


Now, I have no concern that David is doing an admirable job. In pulling him apart.
And of obtaining the new bits. Look...all shiny and new!

It's the putting-back-together bit I'm worried about.

*#@^, Scoop, Muck & Dizzy have already sent their condolences!

x KL

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