I need it....I need it not....

If only decision making were as easy as de-nuding a flower!

If you read this little ol' blog of mine regularly, you may know that this build is progressing at a snail's pace. And I am not helping by constantly buying decor for the to-be-finished rooms.
I have the art, not the gyprock, the lounge but not the carpet. Eeeek!

Most of my purchases go straight into storage for that magic day when we can spread out, over two floors instead of being cramped onto one. This decision though is for here and now.

We need a new coffee table for the family room.  
It is our only living space at the moment and the 10 year old leather 'pouffe' is showing signs of far better days.

Already anticipating 'the next' house, I don't want to restrict myself with something too contemporary as I'm visualising a smaller, Hampton's-esque home next. Mid Century styles are therefor eliminated as are anything shiny and glass. But these steel framed, parquetry topped tables have been on my mind for about a year. They seem sturdy and timeless. Time to commit?

What do you think? Will they suit this contemporary build and a more classic style too?

x KL

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