Blog Love & Top Interiors Predictions for 2013

I have a gazillion blogs that I follow, subscribe to, and love. 
Some are like mine; personal journeys of building, interiors, life or fashion.
Others are 'professional' specialist types and then there's the  'in-betweeners'!

I've been following Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict for a long time and always read her posts with the greatest of interest.
(She started as an in-betweener and is now a professional, you can read her blog's pedigree HERE!)

Jen's blog has a finger on the pulse of interior design and her posts are always very fresh and informative. I often 'hear it first' through this site.

Anyhoo...thought I'd share her latest post: Top Interior Predictions for 2013.

Jen asked some of Australia’s best interior designers and stylists for their opinion of what 2013 will bring in terms of interiors trends. Here’s what they had to say: 

"Steve Cordony, interior design editor, Belle magazine, and stylist: “This coming year I think we will see lots of natural materials such as marble, timber, brass, copper and cut glass which evoke a sense of calm and grounding. Using different shades and tones of trending colours such as blue, green and orange will inject warmth into our spaces. Quirky pieces (think spiky sculptures and animal shaped ceramics) and one-off finds will add a sense of interest and adventure into our interiors.”
Stylist and author Megan Morton: “People are now understanding the value and inherent beauty of interiors that are created with hand and heart. This explains the rise and rise of the craft and handmade movement. I predict we will see an even richer combination of made and bought, providing even more delicious spaces.”
Interior designer Greg Natale: “I see Memphis Milano becoming an influence on design again. Memphis was a design movement and furniture company started by Ettore Sottsass in the 80s. It was a reaction against Modernism and I think personally, they were trying to create warm interiors again by injecting humour and colour. What I like about Memphis is the asymmetrical shapes, black and white stripes, strong colour and wit.”
Stylist Jason Grant: “I like to encourage people to find their own style, to buy what they love and not to to be a slave to trends.”
Interior designer David Hicks: “2013 will see individual style flourish as we continue to head in a non-conformist way. Regency, bold patterns and extravagant designs may give way to the liveability of more subtle, tactile designs with pops of pattern and colour.”
Interior designer Aaron Wong: “”I feel that interior design is taking a bigger interest in not just what fills out the room but how the walls and ceilings are treated. I think there will be more interesting finishes for walls and ceilings that go beyond your standard paint and wallpaper. Oh, and brass!”
Stylist Jane Frosh: “‘Gold, peach and dusty emerald confetti bomb explosion. Boom! (How much fun would that be?) Rockstar glam slammed back to earth with natural linens and textiles.”
Home stager and stylist Naomi Findlay of the International Institute of Home Staging: “Geometric shapes will still be in, and lots of textures. I also think wallpapers are making a bit of a resurgence too.”
Interior designer Chelsea Hing: “Colour will be big this year as more and more people grow tired of a neutral palette and come over to the dark side. We’ll see loads of experimentation, burning of the rule books and a total embrace of individualism as we realise the path to self expression is through embracing what really makes us happy.”
Stylist Jacinta Preston: “High technology collides with the handmade: our homes are smarter but the trend for a more personal connection continues. Our homes are a self portrait of who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going. Mother nature and the natural world merge with the machine-made to change our ideas on material selection, decoration and craft.  Colour crush: blue. Blue is the Hugh Jackman of colours! Everybody loves Hugh and everybody loves blue.”
Stylist Emma Blomfield: “Be bold and brave. It’s easy to be beige so take a risk with the smaller stuff and go nuts with soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and throws. Pops of colour dispersed through the room will give you something to look at instead of everything blending together. Splash out with some digitally printed canvases, watercolour cushions and dyed cow hide rugs.” "

Fascinated? Impressed? ! Interiors Addict has to be one of my most favourite sites. If you haven't already; bookmark, subscribe or follow NOW!

x KL

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