Ready for a new season????

Are you getting New Season fashion adverts in your inbox?
Whilst sweltering in 40 + degrees I'm being inundated with Autumn Winter look-books containing jumpers, jackets and jeans! 

W. T. F. ?

I was not even remotely interested in buying heavier clothing at the moment but I then received Wanted Shoes New Season catalogue. It can't help to LOOK, can it? 

Below are their Bronte (left) and Buddy (right) boots.

Remind you of anything???

Isabel Marant Jenny (above left) and Rivet ? (right).

Blatant rip-offs but affordable at considerably less moolah than the original designer's item.
(Like, h e l l o.... under a quarter!And still made from leather!)

Till 'The Money Pit' is finished here, the real deal will have to provide inspiration only!
Sorry Issy...I dream of one day making it up to you....

x KL

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