my diary = my family umbilical cord

 Well, you're either a diary advocate or not.
Black or White. 
I am, and it's my saviour.

"I have a diary, therefore I am." KL
(You can use this if you want.....he he!)


I have a ratty old leather Filofax diary that I love and I spent yesterday updating its innards to 2013.
This way I remember birthdays, anniversaries, colonoscopies, mammograms and all manner or uncomfortable, medical prodding.

All those pesky school notes and information gets transcribed ASAP so we dont miss Crazy Hair Day or dress inappropriately for Wear your Favourite Footy Colours! I'm on speed dial for a few Mum's at school for accurate confirmation of school activities! LOL!
Children's assessment due dates, social engagements and hair appoinments are all in there.
Work rosters, Movie rental return times, Carnivals and Long term reminders (Passport renewal for example) are all recorded with precision.
I even have a page for passwords and ID numbers (not banking ones!) that are so easily forgotten.
 This system works for me and has become the family's 'bible!'
What methods do you use to contain information overload?

x KL

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