My (personal) MEGA luxe list

With my 50th birthday looming, I thought I'd compile a birthday wish-list and I guess any regular readers will have realised by now that I am unashamedly materialistic. (Expressed with more eloquence and more subtle terminology; that I really like nice things)

There are many blog authors that I subscribe to and whose writing I thoroughly enjoy that have reached 'purchase Nirvana'; they don't need / want anymore. God Bless....

I'm just not there yet.

My husband reached the 'buy what you need' stage of enlightenment perhaps 12 years ago, (coincidentally about the same time we met!) so I am posting this, my (personal)MEGA luxe list partially as w-a-y overdue Catharsis Therapy, and partially because it has been enjoyable to compile as a birthday wish-list.

Much more fun than the reality, which will no doubt be 'house' related.
Paint, render and tiles are most probable! LOL!

I may or may not achieve ownership of these items in my lifetime (the list is smaller than a decade ago) but I have enjoyed creating this manifest anyhoos. I even whittled it down considerably!

Of course this is all very arbitrary. 25 years ago the only thing on my personal wish list was a healthy baby which I was very blessed to receive and, in time, thrice.

I have a 'travel' wish list too....locked in the noggin. More post fodder.

Have you got a 'personal wish list'?

Come on, Spill....

x KL

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