No rest for the wicked....holiday help required ASAP!!!!

 Davey was up and-at-it this morning. Apparently the plasterers aren't back from their break till 
mid February!!! (we reckon they'd need to spend all that time at the Chiro / physio)
so...he's giving them a head start.
I'm not complaining but am struggling to justify a 10 am sleep-in for Moi whilst he's all Gun-ho.
Damn and Drat!
He's even made his own 'long-dog' saw horse to assist...clever boy!

David won't take a break at home, even though we live in everybody's holiday paradise, so I'm thinking about booking a wee trip....

The criteria:
3 - 5 nights, 4.5* minimum, 2 adults 1 child, activities like pool, tennis, walking etc...
Budget under $1000 and before Jan 30 as J returns to school on that date.
Oh, and a max of 3 hours away from Central Coast NSW. (any direction!)
Any ideas????

x KL

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