One of the greatest benefits from living on the highest peak in Copacabana is the summer temperature. Whilst elsewhere sizzles, we always get respite via cooling ocean breezes. 42 degrees elsewhere is 32 here. Ahhh....

It was a major factor in the way we designed the house; air conditioning deemed unnecessary. 
Until last week.

So severe was the forecast Australia wide, that the Bureau of Meteorology extended its palette range (adding purple; 50 - 52 degrees) to cope with the unprecedented heatwave!
Whilst the heat in the interior fell just shy of the forecast, we had a rare day of extreme discomfort here. It was my second daughter's 21st Birthday (a separate post to follow!) and at midnight it was still 42 degrees Celsius (108F!). The breeze was like standing in front of an open fan-forced oven. Seriously.

Bushfires have been rampant and I think the most heart stopping picture has to be this one from Tasmania:

"Five Australian children were reunited with their parents after their grandparents helped them dramatically escape from blazing bush fires by clinging to a wooden jetty for three hours. Grandfather Tim Holmes alongside his wife and and his daughter's five children had to shelter in the sea to survive the potentially deadly inferno that raged on the shore. Picture: AP Photo/Holmes Family "

Tomorrow we've been advised that Mother Nature is staging an encore.
How are you faring in your part of Australia?

x KL

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