Work: The Point Frederick Project

 I thought I'd give you a wee peep at a house David has been building ... he's about 8 weeks off hand over so it is starting to look a bit interesting! I posted about it HERE once before, regarding the stair design. This is where it's at today...

The inspiration picture is above left whilst the installed stairs, still protectively covered, unstained and without handrails are right. All walls are sealed / undercoated only.
Mammoth entry door with alcoves, either side for joinery, below.

The gas fireplace is framed and the floating plinth constructed. The cost of the plinth in poured concrete was so prohibitive that it was nearly deleted entirely. Instead it will be faced with a concrete-look render which is then polished to look like the real thing. Hopefully! I investigated having an Axolotl finish in faux concrete which was very competitively priced. (see my address book on the right tool bar for details) I am very interested in seeing this element completed!

The concrete plinth references and ties together the concrete flooring used in other areas. The formal lounge and dining having solid black butt flooring whilst the bedrooms, tonal grey carpet.

In the picture below you can also see the built-in blind pelmets and frameless sash windows which feature throughout the house.  Looovely!

The bathroom areas have matte grey floor tiles, selected to visually reference the polished concrete used in the entry and family room areas. They are very dusty at the moment but look great! Hydronic heating will keep all the floors toasty in winter.

With the addition of custom made stainless steel drainage, the concrete floors continue on the same level both inside and out. Poor iPhone pic... sorry!

 The floor plan created a nifty external courtyard between a guest wing and the family room. The doors from each area being secreted 'pocket' style so when open they literally disappear. 

The kitchen is being installed today so there will be more progress pics in a follow-up post. 
I'm not involved in the specification of this project, the owners are more than capable but I think David has made some excellent detailing calls to help them achieve their vision. And of course his workmanship is very evident too. *pat, pat* LOL!
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of the stuff that takes precedence on us finishing Le Hacienda!

x KL

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