Dulux colour consultation

Today I met with specialist colour consultant, Gail Webb, who came to my home (eeek, it was messy!) as I had won a Dulux Colour Consultation through Viv's blog, ish and chi
I have never used the services of a colour consultant before and really enjoyed my time with Gail. She was very easy to talk to and never mentioned the mess once! So professional!
Although the colours were already chosen by moi, Gail made me feel far more confident with my selection. It was great to discuss the plans for the top story and get her feedback on chosen dark walls / V's white ones. She supported my black kitchen idea too; and I think it's given me the confidence to actually follow through with that.
After selecting a few outside feature colours (as seen above) our time was up and samples were left. The whole experience was very positive and I would thoroughly recommend the service to anyone requiring colour direction. 

Many thanks Dulux, Viv and Gail for my consultation!

x KL

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