Wee progress and.....more shopping

  This is how we spent Sunday. J's room is now finished with the exception of the gloss on doors. (All the top level doors will be painted together) There are power points, down lights and a fan installed too. Yay!!! I'm really happy with the red; Dulux 'Red Box'. I used it for the back of the bookcase nook and desk area. It's a nice dirty red and makes quite an impact in the room. 
Small progress but progress none the less!

Today I went down to 'the big smoke', aka Castle Hill and my wonderful friend (who've I've known for 46 years!!!) met to have lunch and en route showed me this find in Myer. 
On Sale! All sizes were $79.95. Thank you very much. Yes, I'll take it too!
Masculine bed linen is so hard to find. This is gorgeous. Grey / Taupe, deep blue, and white. I bought the bed setting above in it's entirety! (And we skipped lunch and shopped instead, LOL!)

x KL 
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