The winning streak continues!

 Have you ever won something? It is the most glorious feeling. I seem to win in random allotments.
Nothing for, like ever and then a series of happy disconnected wins.
Picture courtesy of Dulux

I entered a Dulux Colour Consultation Giveaway being offered by one of my favourite bloggers, 
Viv of Ish and Chi and I won!!!! How delightful! 
Thank you so much Viv!
Viv's entry painted Dulux Western Myall after her Dulux Colour Consultation.

I'm pretty confident with my colour selections so have never used a professional before so it will be interesting to get their fresh ideas. Or perhaps I'll give the prize to a dear friend and soon to be renovation client. I better check the conditions of the prize first!
I also had my little win that I posted about yesterday and a big win with my biopsy results; no Cancer! So I've purchased a $30 million lottery ticket today.
Here's hoping I can advise you of that win from my private jet en route to Paris!!!

x KL

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