Miscellaneous stuff...that includes shopping! LOL!

When I visited David Jones at Castle Hill on Monday I was like a child in a lolly shop! So much to look at and only a few hours to take it all in! This tree instantly had my attention and the tree skirt was nearly at the counter when I realised it was cream and not white. Boo Hoo!

 The fireplace joinery is finalised in the Avoca Beach project. The 'floating' concrete plinth makes more visual sense now. Such a shame it wasn't finished for the owners first visit. It will be a lovely Christmas surprise for them I'm sure!
 I took delivery of this glass sphere / doorstop from Crate & Barrel in the USA too. It was another discovery on Ms Moth's blog, Moth designs and she kindly told me where I may find it. I tried buying this direct as opposed to using a forwarding service. The price trebled due to shipping so I might revert to using MyUs although it's so hard to gauge. This is Sooooo heavy!!!! I also got these silver Marimekko gift tags with my order. They're divine! They also come in red and black as shown. 

x KL

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