Dearest Santa, I've been so very good......

Seven weeks my friends! Christmas is comming, and f a s t ! 
I don't need much. Health, happiness and no stress for my family, friends and Moi are top of my list!
But ....for an interesting post I can be much more materialistic. LOL!
Following are my guilty desires; some are of the nudge nudge, wink wink, Santa variety and others for when we win the lottery!  Ah, I love Christmas dreaming....

Candles from Myer $24.95 & $14.95

'Tangle' $140 from Raw Space

Clam Shell from Anna Spiro $475

Kosta Boda Skull Votive (R.R $59) $39 from Peters of Kengsinton

Interiors Book: R.R. $79.95AUD

Tiffany and Co silver & gold locket (medium) $475

Large aboriginal art work

Vitra Eames 'House Bird' $280 from Space

18ct WG Morganite & Diamond Ring $7 850 from Jan Logan
Van Cleef & Arpels 'Between the fingers' ring
Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company 'Union Jack' pillow £335
Henning Koppel 'Fluid' Pitcher $550 at Georg Jensen

 ... Oh and of course, World Peace!

What do you dream of for Christmas? Leave a comment and let me know!

x KL

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