Is my glass half full or half empty? How to win when you lose!

Sometimes luck / fate / destiny confuses me. Or at least makes me stop and think.
I've had a fine jewelry fetish since I can remember. No faux costume trinkets for me. The real deal all the way! I'd rather have a small cache of precious items than a truck load of fashion items. Don't know why, (To borrow a phrase; 'it's just how I roll'). I so admire and even envy girls who always have the latest jewelry trend pulling their 'look' together but - not for me.
Until recently.
I purchased a summer kaftan from Witchery  and as I was paying was informed they had a $50-off-if you-spend-$150 sale. Nice win! Yee Ha!
Of course, the top was $149! (Duh!)
Sooo, I picked up a silver bead bracelet with medallion that reminded me of the Tiffany one I've been eyeing off for awhile. (See pic above) And it worked out I got it for free. Yippee! (Back to being a winner!)
I wore said bracelet a few times and LOVED it. I got positive comments and I actually thought I'd cracked my real-only obsession and then 'KL's Law' kicked in.
'KL's Law' is like 'Murphy's' except it's happening to moi!
I was carrying ten-thousand shopping bags of family sustenance upstairs and BAM, the medallion was gone. Just like that. On the wrist in garage. BAM. Non-existent in kitchen. I searched the car, the garage and every one of those ten thousand plastic bag. That medallion had somehow self combusted. 

Now, where's the moral to this story?

Lost freebie - It wasn't Tiffany's.

I think my glass is still half full. Maybe even full. What do you think?

(Or should I drink less wine when posting! LOL!)
x KL

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