General Update...

 I'm back at home after two days in Sydney to take my daughter and BF to his final university art function and to then see them off on their Japanese holiday. 
Their flight left at 6:10 am (3:30 am start!) so we stayed in the Mercure Airport Hotel the night before and J and I were back asleep in the hotel by 7:30 am. Gotta love the airport shuttle to take the stress out of driving, half asleep on unfamiliar, busy roads at dawn!
I love hotels and of course took snaps of all the good design bits like bedhead, bar and ensuite!
(as you do!)

I was really impressed with the way they'd mounted the plasma. (See above) Obviously a room re-fit and restricted by what was existing, instead of recessing the TV into the wall (as you would a new home / reno) they made a very swish little box for it to reside in. It included space for remotes, TV guides and hotel paraphernalia too but I thought it was a great retro fit idea for residential homes. What do you think?
 The rain was unfortunately, relentlessly depressing and J was upset by his sister and pseudo 'big brother's' departure, so we skipped our city Christmas shopping plan and headed home.
Mini KL quiches; smoked salmon, sun dried tomato, bacon and mushroom varieties

I've  made 4 dozen mini quiches for J's school staff's Christmas lunch tomorrow after a two hour 'Nanna nap' and at  11:30 pm (our time) I received an email to say my sweet S and BF, M had arrived at their hotel in Osaka. Yay! 
My poor 22 year old baby suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and is ill already... her few alcoholic drinks from M's Design party causing her havoc. (The same exhibition I might add that caused all the travel re-scheduling.... really UTS; get your annual events timetable sorted earlier that a month before!) Grrrr...
 Anyhoo.... also in my busy week...

 I accompanied J and his Year Three class to The Australian Museum Sydney to see the Dinosaur exhibition and then to watch  'Flying Monsters 3D' at IMAX.
We've been to the museum quite recently but to watch the 'first timer's faces' was wonderful! J hadn't been to IMAX before and just LOVED it! Such a great experience!
I got this today too:

Jan Logan's 2012 Collection

The cover features my favourite piece; the  'Honey Quartz Gatsby ring'. (seen above and below)
I might need to adjust my Santa wish-list again....LOL!!!
And yes, that's my heater on in the background... it was packed away but brought out to dry woollies for Japan and we needed its warmth tonight! WT?
We've had a couple of free 'wins' for the house too. A client ordered black marble for his bathrooms from a Sydney discounter only to be delivered tiles that were chipped, glued together or with extreme cracks running through them. When the company got the complaint they credited him immediately and told us to 'bin' the offensive material. (I think they knew it was crap in the first place.) My resourceful hubby salvaged 21 tiles out of the whole lot that if cut carefully and resurfaced will be OK for our upstairs powder room floor.Yay! On another job we scored some excess Oak Uniwood. Not much, but enough for the study floor. The colour is wrong but my hubby assures me he can sand off the finish and stain it black before resealing it again. Woo Hoo!

The price is right for these flooring materials!

That pretty much sums up my week. I haven't had much time to catch up with my favourite blogs but plan to over the weekend! 

x KL

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