A Fantasmagorical Day!

Ever had a day where everything is just good, happy and nice?
I was blessed with one of these rare wonders yesterday! 
It wasn't about everything being perfect... (I forgot to get onions and capsicum for the dinner dish I'd planned) but somehow it didn't matter.

 Here is my list of wondrous stuff that kept my heart singing all day....

1. I woke up without a headache from drinking some sort of surgical sterilizing agent they call 'cask wine' which David thought looked good, as it was "on special".

2. I appear to have avoided the need for dialysis even though I may or may not have consumed a large portion of said liquid whilst watching not one, but two Jaws movie re-runs! AS you do. EEEK!

3. Got J to school on time. This is miraculous as a) I woke up at 8 am. b) school starts at 8:30 and c) we live 20 minutes away from school. Do the maths. And he had breakfast. And an ironed uniform.

4. I made it to school and home without anyone knowing I was in my PJ's. Shhhh!

5. I won a Strawberry Margarita O.P.I. Giveaway from BB is building a house (If you haven't peeped her blog before....go on...now's the time!) Digit Make-Over here I come!

6. 94 minutes were well spent catching up with a girlfriend. It was a mobile to mobile call but...wait-for-it....it didn't drop out. Not once! I was at home being a sloth but she travelled from Terrigal to Surry Hills! And we're both with Vodafone!!!! W.T.F?

7. I saw three whales! Tail slapping!!! From the en suite! (OK, to be honest this was on Sunday but it's close enough to count here, eh?)

8. Giulia from Something Gorgeous posted her Prawn Risotto dish. Thank you. We had it for dinner. Minus the capsicum (I forgot to buy one) so I added Pelligrini tomatoes. Yummy! 

Giulias dish LHS, my interpretation RHS!
9.  On the school pick up run all traffic was stationary, in both directions on busy Avoca Drive. Laughed out loud watching a burly concretor get out of his van to assist the stragglers up the gutter.

10. Having planned to visit our local lookout on the way home, I just happened to have my camera with me to get the shot above!

11. I saw daughter No. 2. It may have been fleeting....she needed a shower and freshly laundered clothes before heading out again with new BF, but she's alive!!!! Yay!

12. David doesn't need his arms sewn on! We've been investigating shoulder reconstruction but his Orthopedic Surgeon concludes this can be delayed with intense Physiotherapy. Woo Hoo!

13. The local lookouts have been revamped and I can see our house from one of them now! J & I paid a visit after school looking for more whales...spied our place from a new angle, instead!

14. J got his 'pen licence'. Finally. He had renewed focus for his homework (at least for today)

15. Received a $50 Country Road Gift voucher in the mail. Apparently I am now a V.I.P. and get free delivery on online purchases too!

And it went on.....and on.....(can you hear Katrina singing....?)

Didn't get any bills today.
 J had a shower, as soon as asked, without complaint. 
The broken pump was fixed with a $2 washer.
Got $150 from an ATM when I wanted $50. (I'm sure the bank will find me!)
Was invited to High Tea next Wednesday with some Mum's from school.
 I didn't get shonked on Etsy; the skull arrived! 
The Glamourzons etc are visiting Sydney in December for a family catch-up. 
My deceased friend's hubby has 'met someone'; is rejoining life. 
I hit 60 'followers'! (God bless you Sam) 
I sold my too heavy Oroton bag on eBay. 
Got an unprompted kiss, squeeze & 'love you Mum' from J.
Found $20 in a disused purse.
 I forgot onions for the risotto but actually needed shallots - which I had! 

Ever had a day like this? 
Bloody Fantasmagorical!

I also bought a lottery ticket for tonight's Oz lotto.
If it wins there will be no cask wine - promise!

x KL

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