Kitchen Island Debate. Yes or No?

After the near purchase at Grand Designs posted HERE,  I've been mentally debating with myself about my realistic kitchen island options.
Option 1: Standard island with or without sink
Option 2: Screened island with sink

The Floorplan:
The Kitchen will be located in a 7000 x 3000 mm space

The Facts:

There is a 3400 mm 'splashback' (ADDENDUM: 4000 mm! Oops!) window where the 'Sink ?' and 'Cooktop' are marked on plan. The sink position is flexible. Currently we've got plumbing to the island area but David can have it relocated to be in line with the cook top on the back bench relatively easily. But then, do I move the dishwasher back too or leave it in the island? The cook top can be where marked on plan or centred if the sink stays in island. I do not want stools in front of the island.

The only dinning area in our home will be directly in front of this island and I don't want guests seeing dirty dishes stacked here so the style of island will determine the sink location. I've been weighing in favour of the upstand for awhile now, eliminating the need for the plumbing relocation but the photos above, found recently on Ideas To Steal have me re-thinking.

The photos above are of a bar in Helsinki and for the first time, I think I've found pictures so similar to my vision but have illustrated what I don't want. Interesting. The photo's below illustrate the two possible choices for the island (though mine won't be as long as these)

Have you got a sink in an island? 
What are your thoughts about screened islands?
Can a sink and dishwasher be on opposite sides of a galley?
Any input, ideas and suggestions will be gratefully received!

x KL

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