Did you laugh? Did you?

 I spotted the above picture on Pinterest and had a giggle. Then I saw the news and saw Julia doing this.....

Or maybe she was 'planking'?
I may or may not have had a 10 minute good ol' belly laugh.
She might not be my political cup-of-tea but Hells Bells -I felt sorry for her (after I caught my breath).
If you can't walk in heels Julia, wear flats!
I can hear the boys discussing concreting that glass ceiling!
I'm starting a collection to buy her some Mary Jane's and Scholl's Heel Grips. Whatchathink?
Cinderella, she is definitely not.

Oh, and please don't think I'm mean...
I know the embarrassment of doing the same. On my own. Which no-one saw....but boy did they hear me cackling like a Hyena!

x KL 

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