Progress pics!!!! Woop! Woop!

 The exterior of our place had not changed much from the picture below (snapped about 18 months ago) till recently.

But the snap above, taken on the weekend, shows some progress! Blueboard privacy wall to lower deck area on far RHS, the solid handrails to the upper deck, again on RHS of picture and most recently the framing for the two front, upper deck roof areas which were previously just steel skeletons!
Of course the weeds and mess in the front yard has increased exponentially. LOL!

It might not seem allot BUT, the Ripple Effect applies to construction too. To do x, a, b and c need to be completed first and once x is done, y and z are easy peasy! Are you still with me?

 In order to gyprock and Villaboard the remaining upstairs rooms (main bed, ensuite, lounge, dining and J's bathroom / powder room), all this 'stuff' had to go. Hence this timber pile has now become the veranda roof! The insulation will go into the walls and ceilings just prior to sheeting and I've been eBay-ing and filling Vinnie's Bins like a mad woman! Below is the result! Da Dah!!!!
David even drew the bed on the floor for me so we could work out the lighting placement!

 Final decisions about the lounge fireplace design have been made and this crude cardboard cut out helped in this major decision. There ARE some benefits of building slowly and living in the build at times!

Apologising to all the clever IT knowledgeable persons reading; I had 'a go' at the rendering above. Roughly to scale, it reinforced that we are on the right track!
It may have taken me 4 hours....but has given me priceless confidence!

You can see in the image above too, the 'coved' ceiling which will hopefully look something like this:

And the bookshelf I'm planning for the LHS of the fireplace, whose inspiration you've seen before HERE, is below.

Exhausted yet? I am! Tell me your thoughts...please!!!!
Still got lots more to share too...

x KL

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