I am so humbled by the number of comments I received regarding my proposed kitchen. Thank you so much everyone! What a fabulous untapped resource you all are!!!

I've realised that asking for advice when I've only given you half the information is a bit stupid though. Duh!
So to make things a bit more transparent in the future, here's some more deets:

The house is spread over three levels (we currently live on the ground floor only) and the kitchen is located on the top. The drawings aren't flashy; I did them...but luckily that didn't bother Council! The individual room layout details have changed significantly from those above too!

There are some limited views to the south over Copacabana Beach from the top level and glorious views to the north over the ocean and the coast from Winnie Bay to Norah Head light house. These are seen from the ground floor too. 

As we slowly complete each area we have added or subtracted details.
Many are budget related, others are structural. The vast majority are practical or aesthetic!

For example:
The sliding stacker doors were deleted from the playroom (original plan above) and a single door added for deck access. That west facing wall of glass would have created a hot box! It made furnishing the room easier too.
 I posted pics of the finished playroom HERE an eternity ago!

I also swapped the internal cavity doors to the playroom for a square opening. This gave me more wall space for art (which is in short supply) and saved moolah too!
David decided to add Solar hot water to the house and it's location on the roof required greater structural support. I decided I didn't want to walk up the stairs and see the kitchen floor crud side on, nor did I want to see cooking from the formal lounge so screening this created the additional roof support and screening in one swoop. And more wall space for art!

Sooooo....the kitchen area now looks like this; the fridge is plumbed and in situ (though can be pushed further back) and the whole area waiting for joinery (currently filled with stored 'stuff', like the dishwasher, out of warranty now, in that big carton!)

The rear kitchen wall with 'splasback' window
LHS of kitchen where fridge is 'hidden'!
View from proposed kitchen island over dining room and David and his 'temporary' office!
I hope this post clarifies the direction we are heading at a snail's pace!

I might post a quick series of room plans showing the changes we've made and pop the latest and most up-to-date plans / progress in a separate 'Current Project' list on the right sidebar. It'll make an easy reference for me too!!! LOL!

x KL

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