Another little project....

 J had back - to - back birthday parties today so David and I had a lovely lunch together and then a wander around Domayne. I showed him the coffee table that I'm so enamoured with and he has promised to make me one! 

I designed a custom study desk for our last home (seen above) which I was really pleased with. It remained in the house when we sold it and it was a very cost-effective option for its size.

I've had these dining tables stored in a "LOVE" file for a few years. They are from Coco Republic and David feels he can replicate the Domayne coffee table top in reclaimed English Oak Parquetry to look similar to these. He thought $799 for a 'palette timber' top was excessive. Eeeek!

Anyhooo....I'm going to get my coffee table; but better and cheaper. Score!
I'm starting the steel design specs tomorrow.

x KL

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