More Kitchen Decisions....

I have these wonderful 3D renderings of our proposed kitchen to share thanks to B, from B is Building a House. She so patiently drew them for me even after we discovered (several times) that the measurements I was supplying her were incorrect. Oooops!

It has been a fascinating experience. I'm pretty good as 'visualising' a space but to see it drawn accurately and to scale is something else! The kitchen window is smaller than I perceived it to be, as is the open appliance area. David dislikes my 'hidden' desk area and the island is significantly shorter in length. Eeeek!

The up stand idea has been definitely eliminated, however the sink location is still undecided.
And I'm being strongly swayed towards providing some at-island seating thanks to your wonderful suggestions and feedback.

So much more to still consider!

Thank you again B for your generous time in compiling these illustrations for us!

x KL

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