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David, J and I attended Grand Designs Live at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre last Friday thanks to Scyon. It was well timed as we stayed nice and cool throughout an unexpected, very hot day.
I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of things we found interesting and inspiring. So sorry about the quality of the iPhone snaps!

The displays were arranged into four zones; Building, Kitchen & Bathrooms, Interiors and Outdoors.

Seeing many fireplace designs was perfect timing for us as the decision of what to install at La Hacienda needs to be made before the framing is finalised and the gyprock commences upstairs. We were very impressed with this custom built Bioethanol fireplace by Ecosmart fire. I loved the larger version of their outdoor fire-pit too!

We soaked up all the landscaping inspiration as well. The landscape designers were on-hand to answer technical questions which we had by the barrow load! Free advice! Yay!
They were very accommodating and welcomed having their brains picked! Double Yay!!!
I've been trying to warm David to my suggestion of faux lawn on our front deck for two years but he's actively discussing it now as an option! Here is an example that we saw that helped sway him:

Saw a myriad of indoor and outdoor decorating items to add to the 'wish-list'. Both the pot above and the light bulbs below were already on the list but it was excellent to see / touch / experience them rather than just drooling over them in magazine pages. The crystal bulbs of Lee Broom below have definitely moved up the list! (I posted better pics before HERE)

J was kept entertained by food (expensive and very ordinary) and some interactive displays. Nice to be at a non-trade event that encourages interaction with the displays and photographs!
And we were all entertained by Grand Designs Australian Host, Peter Maddison's interview with owners of homes featured in previous episodes! 

Seeing some spectacular kitchen designs was wonderful as well. Although I love living on the Central Coast of NSW, we are generally very 'behind the times' design wise. Although I wouldn't consider the above benchtop for a spec house, it definitely had WOW factor for those committed enough!
I have posted about Taste Living before HERE and I almost put my money where my mouth is! We seriously considered bringing this massive island home! We negotiated the 'take-as-is' display down by $20K but, realistically we need plastered walls before another piece is put into storage.
Sad, but sooo true. *sigh*

The German engineered composite stone benchtop retracted over the hotplate and sink. Not many homes could accommodate it's size but it was exactly the right dimensions for our space. I just hope I don't regret this missed opportunity further down the track....

Discounting that at this point.....and having received an estimate of $30 000 for our island bench alone clad in Carrara Marble, I'm seriously open-minded to all alternatives; that look good too of course! The Smartstone display above was sheeted in Santorini Collection - Carrara which I had seen online but not in person. Although lacking the distinctive veining contrasts of the real thing (this has light 'spider-vein' colouration - no comparison really), it still looked spectacular in this large formed bench. Liked it better than the Ceasarsone variations (Frosty Carrina & London Grey) too which were displayed elsewhere. Might be a serious contender with its ease of maintenance too.

So all in all, the show was a great experience for us at this time. It has reignighted debates about style direction and material specification which we keep loosing sight of in such a slowly completed house. We're working on moving forward though and I've got a few progress pictures comming up.

Thank you so much for reading, contributing where you do and supporting my little blog.
I appreciate every follower and comment!

x KL

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